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Name: Milo
Age: 22
Sex: male
Birthday/Sign: 8/24/86 (virgo)
Location: NW Florida/Buffalo, NY
Your sidekick: Sidekick


Sidekick: Sidekick
ringtone: The Fray
Color: Teal Shell
Music: alternative rock, techo, pop, piano collections

Yahoo Messenger: radieza77

weeee intro =]

Name: Dallas
Age: 18
Sex: female
Birthday/Sign: 5/13/90 (taurus)
Location: Oxnard, California
Your sidekick: LX


Sidekick: LX
ringtone: The Horrors!
Color: black
Music: hardcore, punk, psychobilly, speedcore

AIM,Yahoo Messenger, MSN?:
aim= ohh so trashhh

Tell us anything you want about yourself:
my phone is practically glued to my hand.


Name: Tiffani
Age: 17
Sex: Yes please? (Female)
Birthday/Sign: April 26; Taurus
Location: Chicago
Your sidekick: Motorola Sideckick Slide

Sidekick: LX
Ringtone: Chiodos; Baby,
You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek
Color: Aqua and hot pink
Music: "ra ra" music (screamo, emo, hardcore, grindcore, etc.)
AIM & Yahoo Messenger: AiM; HerRiotTonight Yahoo!; rwar_kittie
Tell us anything you want about yourself: I know hot to make rice balls? I love anime.
Pics: www.myspace.com/happybunny_my_homeboy

Talk to Me? :))

Intro + a question

Name: Kaitlin
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Birthday/Sign: Oct 4th, Libra
Location: PA
Your sidekick: none yet, but I'm in the process of getting an LX right now


Sidekick: LX
ringtone: Puttin' On the Ritz by Taco. lmao
Color: Purple
Music: Oingo Boingo, Thomas Dolby, Summoning, basically alot of 80's New Wave and Metal of different sorts.

And onto my question.

Does anyone here have a Sidekick who has a service provider other than T-Mobile? Meaning that you had to have the phone unlocked? Does the phone function any differently? Will I still be able to use the internet, instant messengers, email, etc.? I believe I heard that you can't use email with unlocked phones but I'm not sure if that's true or not.
Name: jamie
Age: 18
Sex: female
Birthday/Sign: cancer
Location: slc
Your sidekick: sidekick slide


Sidekick: sidekick slide.
ringtone: no i dea
Color: lime
Music: love music
Name: Katy
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Birthday/Sign: September 13th 1988 - Virgo
Location: New Windsor NY ... from Queens NY though
Your sidekick: SK3

Sidekick: SK3 ... although I just ordered an LX the other day & should be here soon .. so that may change lol
ringtone: Hot N Cold by Katy Perry
Color: Silver and Black
Music: I'm not picky. You should see my playlist ... SOOO much different stuff
AIM,Yahoo Messenger, MSN?: AIM - Wishing0nStarz

Tell us anything you want about yourself: I'm a complete Disney nut (as if you couldnt tell from my username) and I did a 6 month intership last year at Disney World which was AMAZING!!! =)



Woo!! I just figured out how to copy & paste on this thing!!

Name: Nicole
Age: 27
Sex: F
Birthday/Sign: 11 06 80 / Scorpio
Location: Coventry, RI USA
Your sidekick: SK08

Sidekick: this one - tis my 1st
ringtone: Soul Bossa Nova (Austin Powers Theme)
Color: Yellow and Pink
Music: Pop, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, etc.
AIM,Yahoo Messenger, MSN?: only use AIM nac1106

Basically looking for texting buddies.

New here..

Name: Sam
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Birthday/Sign: 4/16/79-Aries
Location: Middletown, NY
Your sidekick: Sidekick III


Sidekick: Mine :oD
ringtone: The one I currently have: 30 seconds to Mars-The Kill
Color: PINK!
Music: Pretty much anything

AIM,Yahoo Messenger, MSN?: I have to know you to add you, sorry. :o(

Tell us anything you want about yourself: I'm a mom :oD

No pics right now, but I will get some!

My Introduction!

Name: Doreen (kaniki)
Age: 21
Sex: girl!
Birthday/Sign:Cancer june 24
Location: Los Angeles,CA
Your sidekick:Sidekick 2008


Sidekick: 08
ringtone: If I only had the heart-the maine
Color: black
Music:punk/acoustic/hip hop

AIM,Yahoo Messenger, MSN?: aim-kanikix626x

Tell us anything you want about yourself:
I love my sidekick! I take it everywhere but i try not to be THOSE people who are constantly on the sidekick and don't mingle with the outside world.